Modern apartment in the city

Rooms: 3.5
Living space: 120 m2
Built: 1982
Renovated: 2008
Price: CHF 520'000.-

This beautiful modern apartment is situated at the outskirts of the city. The train is just a five-minute walk away and will take you right to the center of the city within minutes!

The building used to be a factory, but was remodelled to contain apartments just five years ago in 2008.

Living in paradise

Rooms: 5.5
Living space: 162 m2
Built: 2012
Price: CHF 1'100'000.-

If you're looking for a home where you can fully relax and recover from the stress of everyday life, look no further! This luxurious country house was built just last year and contains every comfort imagineable.

Enjoy the beautiful forrest which surrounds your home from the comfort of the porch which overlooks your very own pond...

Pure luxury in your very own loft apartment

Rooms: 3
Living space: 94 m2
Built: 1998
Renovated: 2012
Price: CHF 620'000.-

The words that best describe this loft apartment are: Pure luxury! You don't have to abstain from any creature comfort - the entire apartment is equiped with the most modern appliances and according to the newest building standards.

Beautifully restored vintage apartment

Rooms: 2.5
Living space: 64 m2
Built: 1976
Renovated: 2011
Price: CHF 490'000.-

If you're a vintage enthusiast, you will love this beautifully restored vintage apartment! This lovely small apartment was lovingly restored a couple of years ago. Special attention was paid in order to preserve the beauty of the old-fashioned architecture, while not dispensing with any creature comforts.

Exclusive apartment above the clouds

Rooms: 6.5
Living space: 186 m2
Built: 2005
Price: CHF 1'800'000.-

Have you ever dreamed of living among the clouds? Well, now you can! This extravagant apartment is located on the top floor of a 50-floor house and offers a perfect view of the entire city.

Thanks to floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows, as well as the white walls and light floors, the entire apartment is very bright and friendly...

Cozy penthouse apartment in the middle of the city

Rooms: 3
Living space: 84 m2
Built: 1992
Renovated: 2013
Price: CHF 540'000.-

If you are looking for a place to call home, this cozy penthouse apartment is exactly what you need! The brown hardwood floors and the indirect lighting give this flat a very warm feeling. This apartment contains a large bedroom with it's own little "nook" with large windows...