Cozy penthouse apartment in the middle of the city


Alpenstrasse 3
3011 Berne


Rooms: 3
Living space: 84 m2
Built: 1992
Renovated: 2013

Sell price

CHF 540'000.-


If you are looking for a place to call home, this cozy penthouse apartment is exactly what you need!

The brown hardwood floors and the indirect lighting give this flat a very warm feeling. This apartment contains a large bedroom with it's own little "nook" with large windows. The sloped roof and the small fireplace in the living room make it an especially cozy room. The kitchen is small but functional, with enough room for a medium sized dining table. One very special feature is the bathroom: It contains a beautiful stand-alone bathtub, sloped walls on one side with two narrow floor-to-celiling windows which add a lot of light; warm orange tiles cover the walls and ceiling.

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Alpenstrasse 3
3011 Bern

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